More than 40 Phase II, III and IV research protocols sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry have been conducted with the help of investigators and coordinators with experience in clinical research of different pathologies such as:

• Covid-19 Vaccine

• Dengue Vaccine

• Influenza Vaccine

• Meningococcal Vaccine

• Varicella Vaccine

• Polio Vaccine

• Epilepsy

• Acute Coronary Syndrome

• Peripheral Neuropathy

• Generalized Anxiety Disorder

• Schizophrenia

• Breast Cancer

• Gastric Cancer

• Prostate Cancer

• Ovarian Cancer

• Lung Cancer

• Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

• Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Chronic Nonspecific Ulcerative Colitis

• Anal Fissure

• Asthma

• Dyslipidemia

• Kidney Failure

• Anemia with Kidney Failure

• Cardiovascular Events

• Atrial Fibrillation

• Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

• Major Depression

• Zika Infection

We are the intermediary between the investigators of the different specialties and the sponsor of the clinical study, and we also serve as support to those doctors and investigators who are initiated within clinical research.

The center has a physical area exclusively dedicated to clinical research, with the basic resources required in research protocols sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, we have effective recruitment strategies for the patients required by the studies and duly trained personnel to comply with all the requirements stipulated in the research protocols.