The Clinical Research Center started on June 18, 2007; presented as Medical Director Dr. Rafael Aguirre Rivero and as Operational Director her daughter Dr. Ana Cecilia Aguirre Kobeh; until today created with the mission of offering its services to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs intended for human consumption.

The work so far is aimed at complying with Good Clinical Practice and adherence to the regulations of the Ethics in Research Committee, Research Committee and regulatory guidelines, offering humane, respectful, and affectionate treatment to patients and volunteers who agree to collaborate in the various research projects.

CICPA provides patients with access to treatment that is not otherwise available, and that could be safer or more effective than available treatments, increasing the number of therapeutic options for their disease.

Patients can help advance medical science and benefit people with the same disease in the future.

It is the process or method through which the efficacy of a medicine that could be used to treat people with a certain disease is tested. Clinical studies are done to evaluate new drugs and find out how well they work, how safe they are, what dosage is most appropriate, how often they should be given, and whether the drug works better alone or in combination with another drug.

Before testing a new medicine in humans, it is evaluated in animals or models that simulate the disease.

The process for the study of new drugs is very careful. For the drug to be tested in humans, it has already been studied in the laboratory for 8 to 10 years.